Educated graphic designer and graphic artist, different printing techniques as strength, also all kind of crafts and unique works. This site is constantly updated with new works.

Graphic design

Logo design, business card and note block.
Theater poster design.
Kirjan suunnittelua
Book about printing preflight. The book is in three languages, designed, executed and hand bound.
Levyjen kansia
Cover design and execution.
Julisteen suunnittelua
Architect bureau anniversary poster.
Foto Bantle
Photo shop product catalogue.
"Reisefieber" spectacle's poster.
Poster for the font type The Sans - the most beautiful type font type.

Graphic art

Animal, t.p.l'a, carborundum
Coffee, woodcut
Woman, woodcut.
Woman, woodcut.
Helsinki kirja
"Helsinki" book, etching, hand bound.
Angel, woodcut.
Artist books, etchings, hand bound.
Flowers, lino cut, multicolored.
Tango, woodcut, multicolored.
The dancer, woodcut, multicolored.

Other stuff

Spider, set piece from recycled materials.

Wood grain

Isännän tuoli
Masters' chair
Emännän tuoli
Hostess' chair
Wood stuff
Fish bat
Clean up your toys!
Reach the ground!
Properly butter
More butter!
Wood grain!

Curriculum vitae

Because I was born in east bloc and I spent my childhood in the  east bloc, where the visual culture was restricted, I developed a great love for books. The love for books drove me to printing branch, that for after high school I studied as master printer. The education as printer created a strong base for my work as graphic designer. Later on, four years studies in a Bauhaus school, shaped me as graphic designer. I graduated as graphic designer in 2007 from Schule für Gestaltung Ravensburg. 

Since three years old, I studied as graphic artist mentored by my parents. i use in my artworks different printing methods, such silk print, relief and intaglio print. Together with my parents we own the greatest private artist’s book collection. I take part with my artist’s books and art works to exhibitions abroad and in Finland. My works can be find in private collections, museums and public spaces in Italy, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Sain and Romania.

From childhood, because of scarcity, I learned to value every possibility, that for recycling is a way of work. Raw example is the spider born out of an old neck cloth and an umbrella. I see in everything possibilities and i think where is a will there is a way.